Chaturbate customization

Chaturbate customization account

Photobooking offers models working on the Chaturbate platform account personalization services with useful and attractive graphics to improve earnings.

How do I estimate the cost of a customization?

There are two types of graphical account customization:

A. Standard Customization – 70 Euro

It is a fairly complete customization of the account without Extra Options. Standard customization contains the following:

1. Welcome section + button / mini-banner for Chaturbate campaign;
2. Room Rules & Facts section [maximum 10 rules];
3. Tip Menu section [maximum 10 services];
4. Social Media Banners [maximum 3, optional: Twitter, OnlyFans, Official Website, Intsagram Whatssupp, etc.];
5. Amazon Wishlist section;
6. Schedule Section;
7. DMCA / Copyright section.
8. Buttons on the side of the streaming window [maximum 5 buttons, optional].

B. Customization with Extra Options +5 Euro each extra option.

It is a more complex Chaturbate customization, which includes Standard Customization plus Extra Options, options that are not in the Standard list, or additions above the standard customization limit.
Thus, new sections can be added, such as games such as: King of the Hill, Best Tipers Ever, or Lush Table, personal details: height, weight, bust, zodiac sign, etc., but also extra additions to banners, sections, number of options or buttons.

Each Extra Option costs 5 Euros in addition to the Standard Customization [70 Euros].

The usefulness of the customized Chaturbate account

A custom Chaturbate account can raise a model’s earnings by at least 30% in the medium and long term. Here are some of the benefits of Bio Chaturbate customization:

– establishes a closer contact between the following members, represents a bridge of communication;
– the personalized profile links the dedicated Social Media accounts [Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsupp, etc.], thus, the notifications can be more visible and generate more visits on streaming, so the possibility to earn more money;
– notifications and posts from Social Media develop your model activity, arouse curiosities and topics for discussion on streaming;
– you can develop quite significant winnings from games such as „King of the hill”, „Best tipers”, etc., inciting members to significant payments to appear in your top;
– through the “Room Rules” section you can regulate the types of behavior and way of working with the members;
– through the “Menu Type” section you display the type of service and the cost officially without negotiations;
– you can receive gifts, products listed on Amazon, through the Amazon Wishlist section;
– you can promote the sale of visual materials created by you with direct links through buttons or banners or special sections: official site, OnlyFans, ManyVidz, Hubster, Clip4Sale, etc.

All of the above are framed in a captivating, modern and user friendly design.

How to work: how do I customize my Chaturbate account?

It is not difficult! You need to follow a few steps:

1. Fill in the Form, add some photos!
Carefully fill in the form displayed here. Add through WetTransfer [or other transfer mode], at least 5-6 good quality photos, preferably professional, with high resolution [minimum 1920px].

2. Send the Form, photos and confirm on Whatsupp!
Send the completed form and confirm by Whatssup the sending of [+40726265598]. As soon as possible, the form will be checked and contacted [also via Whatssup] for price estimates and details.

3. Estimation of costs and way of working
After confirmation, detailing and estimation, the personalization of your account will be worked on a „work account” [my dedicated personal account], so that there are no login interferences and more, not to have access to your account details: user, pass, etc. Thus, the customization process is 100% safe for you.

4. Completion, verification, confirmation, payment
After completing the customization on the „work account”, the model / client checks if everything is fine: the functionality of the buttons, banners, texts, etc. After confirming the model, once the account is already customized, payment will be made by bank account or Revolut. Details will be sent via Whatssup at the appropriate time.

5. Teaching HTML code and explanatory publishing instructions.
After full payment, you will receive a text document with explanatory instructions for publication and the integrated html code. Basically, the model will put the html code alone in the account according to the instructions provided, thus avoiding access to personal data, account.

6. Technical verification and completion
After posting the html code by the model, the graphic designer will check the functionality of the account and if everything is fine. If technical problems occur in the first 14 days, the graphic designer will help you overcome them.

If you are determined to customize your Chaturbate profile. Fill out this form for cost evaluation. And then confirm sending it for verification with a message via Whatssup [+ 40726-26-55-98].


Some examples of customization made by Photobooking:

Mistress Saida
Master Devil
Mistress Kennya
Mistress Lexa